Our Mission

We know that technology can be intimidating. That’s why our goal is to be your partner. We are not a general purpose web hosting company. We don’t host random content. We only host and support local community businesses and organizations. 

Our Pledge

We don’t profit off of the “dark side” of the Internet. We do everything in our power to avoid services from companies that do. Unfortunately, practically all cloud computing and mass website hosting companies do so while using those profits to subsidize their prices.

We will never host content related to the following categories:

  • Pornography
  •  Gambling
  • Drugs and Alcohol
Essentially, any content that is destructive to humans.


Your site will be provisioned within the same day as purchase.

We practice security in depth. We proactively patch all software, provide a web application firewall, and examine all incoming connections to your site to block if necessary. 

No! We provide hundreds of professional WordPress templates for you to choose from. WordPress is the most popular web hosting platform in the world. 

Our basic setup package includes 4 hour of setup time where we work with you to create the basic structure of you site. This includes helping you choose your theme and creating the page and menu layout.

Our advanced setup package includes up to 8 hours of assistance, ecommerce integration, purchase of any additional templates or plugins required. 

No! We provide a fully managed service. That means we install off software, plugins, and themes needed for you site to function.